Lawn Care Services In Columbia

It finally happened today, for the first time this lawn care season.  We provided initial lawn care services in Columbia for a customer in the Forest Acres area.  The grass had not been cut since April 30th, so we knew that there would be an overgrowth issue.  No problem!  We decided not to mulch the grass, rather we elected to side discharge it and direct it all to a general area to be cleaned up.  The Forest Acres area in Columbia is an older area, lots of naturally growing trees, shrubs, vines and flowers.  This property had all of the above mentioned, and it had a nice cold creek running next to and behind it.


When scheduling this appointment, the homeowner did mention that the children could not go into the backyard to play because of the overgrown grass issue and the possibility of creepy things lurking in the lawn.  After cutting the grass and during the process of removing the excess yard debris created by mowing the lawn, I felt my rake seem to move in the opposite direction of which I was pulling it.  When I looked down a brown snake was slithering through the teeth of the rake and making a bee line for the creek. Now, I’m not generally afraid of snakes, in fact I’m super curious and intrigued by them. BUT, I HATE being surprised by them!  The fact that the homeowner’s children were constantly peering at us through the window was the only thing that kept me from screaming like a……


Oh well, these are the joys and woes of  lawn care services in Columbia.

Originally Posted – 06/09/2017

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