Lawn Care Service In Columbia

I'm so excited abut doing lawn care service in Columbia.  You know, I really love what I do.  Seriously.  I mean there are many nights that I can't get any sleep.  The problem with that is that I often find myself confusing my love for charity.  Take for instance last week.  I received a call from someone requesting leaf and pine needle removal in Columbia.  So, I visited the property where the lawn service was to take place at.  The home was adorable and the homeowner was just as adorable.  Now, you need to understand the only thing I love more than mowing grass in Columbia, is the nice people in Columbia.  So, here I am, talking to this super, super nice client about providing lawn care services for their yard.  The yard had years of overgrowth and yard debris tangled in vines and grass with no equipment access to the backyard. Did I mention the 40 degree slope?  I was excited about the opportunity to do this job and I was certain that our guys could get it done in 6 hours.  Without hesitation I quoted the job out at 6 hours flat, and needless to say the client jumped all over the bid.

Well, to make this blog much shorter than the job performed, it took over a total of 10 hours with 1 more man than expected.  I think my love of people and lawn care service blurred my ability to bid properly.  Before under bidding on the next really big lawn care service in Columbia for a really nice person, I'm going to ask them to piss me off BEFORE I give them an estimate.

Anyway, this was my first ever blog about the life of a lawn care service addict.  If you read this to the end, thank you for your time.  If you didn't, oh well....

 Originally Posted - 05/10/2017

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